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Kaziukas Fair
Kaziukas Fair
March 8–10, 2024
Cultural program

Kaziukas Fair

Kaziukas Fair, known as Kaziuko Mugė, is one of the most vibrant and beloved traditional events in Lithuania. This annual fair takes place in early March, and it is deeply rooted in Lithuanian culture and history. The fair serves as a celebration of spring's arrival and showcases a rich tapestry of Lithuanian customs, crafts, food, and folk traditions. Kaziukas Fair is not only a significant cultural event but also a time when Vilnius residents and tourists alike come together to embrace the traditions and flavors of Lithuania. It embodies the spirit of community and serves as a colorful and memorable introduction to Lithuanian culture and heritage.

Cultural Program 2024

The year 2024 has been declared the year of the 100th Anniversary of the Lithuanian Song Celebration, so it is no coincidence that the Kaziukas Fair will be not only the herald of spring, but also of this magnificent celebration.
The motive of well-known Lithuanian folk song Eisva mudu abudu will be the Kaziukas Fair's unifying message.
The cultural program in new colors will reveal how beautiful Lithuanian folk songs can be. The modern presentation and new musical compositions will pleasantly surprise every visitor of Kaziukas Fair.

Kaziuko muge